Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Racing in the Wind

6 x 8 Oil on Linen Board

This was a scene from the 2012 Fall Regatta here at Smith Mountain Lake.  I have no idea what I paint when I do sailboats, so I always have to get my husband to check to see if what I paint makes any sense.  He crews on a friend's boat for the races and tells me when the lines I draw are totally crazy :-)  A few times during this process I called him to look and evaluate, and he would say: "What's this black thing here?"  My response would be..."It's fine.  It's on my photo."  His expression as he walked away would make me reconsider :-)  So, if there are any serious sailors out there, and you see a line or two that seems a little odd..It's fine.  It's in the photo .....


  1. You are so talented and so funny. What a treat to get to know you.