Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It's a Tough Life

5 x 7 Oil on Gessobord

They say that Pit Bulls are dangerous, but it's hard to be threatened by Maddy.  Although she's muscular and strong, she's really a sweet, well trained dog.  When I was visiting recently, she climbed up on the couch next to me and put her head in my lap.  We sat there for a while...until my leg started to lose feeling.  Her head must weigh a few tons.  It was like a bowling ball sitting in your lap.  I'm used to Tallulah who has a light head.  Not to say that she isn't smart :-) 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rock Artists

8 x 8 Oil on Gessobord

I have painted this scene once before in pastel and have always liked it, so I thought I'd paint it again in oils.  This was from my first trip to Monhegan Island, Maine, with a group of artists.  We set up on a rocky beach, finding comfortable rocks to sit on (not easy).  Then the difficult task became what to paint since there was so much beauty around us.  A quick, enjoyable little study... :-) 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Two on a Log

6 x 8 Oil on Gessobord

I couldn't go too far wrong with these two beautiful black Labs pushing a log through the water.  Obviously, this wasn't a recent adventure.  They would need an ice breaker now :-)  This was a recent commission and certainly a wonderful way to spend my painting time.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Hudson with a Face Full of Snow

8 x 8 Oil on Gessobord


This is Hudson, an Australian Shepherd.  He is a northerner, so he is totally happy this winter!  A muzzle full of snow is heaven for him, I suppose.  I do hope all you people in the northeast are coping with the cold and blizzard-like conditions.  Here in Virginia, we are currently at 19 degrees and had 60 MPH winds all night long.  Two days ago, it was almost 70 degrees.  We even had a fly in the house :-)  Perhaps, he knew what was to come and decided to come inside....

Friday, February 13, 2015


6 x 6 Oil on Gessobord

What a honor to be able to paint such a beautiful Yellow Lab!  I've been extremely happy to be getting so many commissions lately.  I work diligently to bring life to a piece of work on a two dimensional surface.  It's not always easy, but oh so rewarding.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Good Morning!

8 x 8 Oil on Gessobord

This is my favorite cereal bowl.  I use it all the time for my oatmeal and for soup.  I'm not sure which potter created it, but I know it was a craftsman in Virginia.  I've tried to track him/her down, but without much success.  This was one of the paintings that just worked for me, unlike the last post that I struggled with.  Perhaps it was my love of the pottery...or that delicious banana :-) 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Coffee Shop Girl

6 x 8 Oil on Gessobord


You know how some paintings seem to paint themselves.  Well, this one definitely didn't!  It absolutely has to do with my focusing on so many other things right now.  I struggled with it for two days and am finally satisfied....Or I'm forcing myself to be satisfied :-)

On another note, I am honored that my artwork was juried into the 2015 Biennial Juried Exhibition at Olin Hall Galleries in Roanoke, Virginia.  Doug McClemont, who is a writer and curator in NYC, is the juror of the show.  The juror lecture and awards will be March 13th at 6 PM at the Olin Gallery. 

Also in March, I will have the honor, along with fellow artist and friend, Nancy Rae Brown, to be the Featured Artist for the month at Second Helpings Gallery in Roanoke, Virginia.  More on this to come....

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Where the Magic Happens

8 x 8 Oil on Gessobord

A scene from one of my favorite restaurants where the magic really does happen :-)  YUMMM!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Geraniums in an Old Maine Window


6 x 8 Oil On Gessobord

The window here was in a very old house that was in bad shape and needed a lot of repair work done.  The paint was peeling and there were all sorts of paint colors showing through.  The geraniums were a welcome change to an otherwise dreary interior.