Sunday, May 12, 2013

Good Way to Start the Morning

8 x 10 Oil on Linen Board

Well, Happy Mother's Day to all!  This is exactly how we started out our morning.  It's hard to find good New York bagels here at the Lake, but there is a great bagel shop if we travel into Roanoke.  If there wasn't one around, we just might have to move back up North.  When we moved from New York to New Jersey, the local bakery advertised bagels, but we discovered really fast that they were just soft rolls with a hole in the middle.  After living there for a while, real bagel places started opening up.  Then came our move to Smith Mountain Lake...Again, no bagels until we discovered Roanoke.  So now that we have almost everything here, we'd better not move again.  Check out my great new coffee mug.  It's made by my favorite potter, Dan Perkins.  I absolutely love it and use it everyday.  I make sure I switch hands when I lift it, though, because it's heavy and I don't want bulging muscles in just one arm... :-)

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