Thursday, October 24, 2013

Children on the Move

9 x 3 1/8  Oil on Gessobord

OK..So this is a piece of Gessobord that I had my husband cut from a painting I had done a few weeks ago.  When I painted the original piece, the bottom of the painting just didn't look right to me.  The only way I felt I could keep the painting was to crop it which is easy if I'm doing pastel, but not so much on a hard board.  My husband was nice enough to drag out his table saw and cut the bottom off the painting.  Rather than throw the piece away, I just "played," and this is the result.  I might go back into this and refine it, but there is something about the lack of refinement that I like.  Even though there are ghosts around the figures, I think it gives the piece movement.  At least I think so....Just a fun little experiment.

1 comment:

  1. I really feel the children's energy in this painting. I feel they are close to me the way they are placed in the space and I think the unorthodox halos are like auras emphasizing their playfulness and non stop adolescent energy! I realize it may not have been intentional, but this is how I read it when I first looked. to be young again... :D