Monday, April 6, 2015

CHAIR-ITY - "Lap Dance"

Well....It's Done!  Here's my painted chair for the "Chair-ity" event for art education in Bedford, VA.  I delivered it on Saturday and it is called "Lap Dance."  The figure is Modigliani's "Count Weilhorski" and because of his straight-laced, kind of Puritan look, I thought he'd make a good "seat."  Each participant picked out an unpainted chair and used their artistic flair to decorate it.  I've seen a number of them now, and they are all so wonderful and different.  That's the great thing about this event.  So many artists...So many different perspectives; and of course, the charity itself!  I was a little intimidated at the start, but once I got into it I loved it!  I will let you know the date of the auction as soon as it's finalized.  It is in May, and will be a wonderful event.

I have to thank my wonderful friends, Jim and Gloria Chandler for their help with the process.  I made my plan and sketched out the Count, and Jim used his carpentry tools to cut him out for me so I could paint him.  I so appreciate the time they both took and the fact that they let me leave sawdust on their living room floor. 

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  1. Wow! Very unique! Good luck with the charity.