Monday, August 3, 2015

"Eve: Naked, Empowered, and Proud" and "Museum of Antiquities...And They Felt No Shame"

...And now for something new :-)  These are two of my pieces hanging at Portiuncula Guild Gallery's show entitled "Naked and Not Ashamed: The Human Figure in Narrative.  I must say, I really enjoyed this project.  The work was to be related to Genesis.

Here is my thought process for the painting of Adam and Eve:  The story goes, Eve offered Adam the apple and caused the downfall of all humankind.  I empowered Eve by having her eat the apples herself and not offer any to Adam.  She is no longer guilty of bringing on all things evil, and therefore feels no shame in her nakedness.  This simplifies it a little.  I could go on, but won't.

For "Museum of Antiquities..." I'll leave you to decide :-)   What fun I had with this one....

Anyway, the show was wonderful.  Lots of really creative offerings there and so many talented artists to see and talk to.

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  1. I really enjoyed these paintings and your story. But where is Portiuncula Guild Gallery? I have been wanting to paint some Plus size women for a couple years. Maybe some day.