Sunday, February 5, 2012

Olson House Guide

5 x 7 Oil on Board

Second attempt!  I'm getting the hang of mixing colors, although this painting and the above were done with a portrait set with a very limited palette of colors.  The painting on my easel now is more exciting for me because of all the choices I have to mix with.  With pastels, the joy is that all the colors are at your finger tips..literally.  Oils, for me, is much more of a challenge.  I have to start from scratch and experiment with what I'll actually get on my brush and on the canvas or board.  To be honest, pastel is still my true love, but I'm so curious to see what will happen with this new obsession.  Since I'm basically self-taught in both pastel and now oils, I get a real rush when I finish a piece that I'm happy with.  

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