Saturday, February 4, 2012

Senior Citizen

5 x 7 Oil on Board

So, this is my new passion.  I'll never get tired of pastels, but I've always wanted to get my hands into oils and thought I'd take the plunge and play.  I'm having such a great time!  I placed a LARGE order from Blick, and it arrived on Thursday.  It was like Christmas when I opened the box.  I almost hated to open the tubes.  When I was young and got a new box of crayons, I would save them so they wouldn't get worn, and use my cousin's set.  That way, mine would always look perfect.  She got wise to that pretty quickly and refused to let me touch her things.  Well, I opened the tubes and "dug in."  This may not be technically perfect, but I'm sure happy with it!  I still have a few more supplies coming...Another Christmas!

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