Sunday, January 26, 2014


8 x 8 Oil on Gessobord

What to do on Monhegan Island, Maine, on a rainy day?  Puzzles, of course!  You can't go out to paint, there is no TV, and phone service is "iffy."  Every time I've been to the Island, the weather has been terrific, but this trip it poured all day creating huge puddles.  The rain came sideways and very few people came out of their houses and inns. It was also cold, so coffee was a necessity.  I ventured out to the little place that sells espresso and it was packed with people...No place to sit, so I went to the Monhegan House, where some of the other people in our painting group were staying.  This woman was passing the time deep in thought over a puzzle.  She had her "wishful thinking" sun visor on.  It didn't work.  The sun appeared when we were heading back on the ferry the next day.  A bummer, but even in the rain, Monhegan is a magical place.

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