Thursday, September 25, 2014

Explore Park Fall Plein Air

                                                          6 x 8 Oil on Gessobord


Yesterday a group of artist friends and I went to paint at Explore Park on the Blue Ridge Parkway at Milepost 115 in Roanoke, VA.  I really enjoyed being with the others and taking in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and the expansive countryside.  I only had time to complete this painting, however, because the weather changed from a cool, sunny morning to a cold, gray, windy afternoon.  I wore my husband's windbreaker jacket and came home with more paint on it than on my Gessobord.  I seemed to rest my entire arm in the Titanium White on my easel and then (due to the cold) wrap on arms around my body...I had paint all over it.  So...Really, I completed two paintings.  One on the Gessobord and a white abstract on a navy background.     

1 comment:

  1. Too funny Shelley. Hope he likes his new painted clothing. Your painting is GREAT. You are good at Plein aire. Hope I'll see you at Centerfest tomorrow. We will be in Goose Crk Parking lot