Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gutter Man

5 x 7" Oil on Gessobord
$55, Unframed

As I said in a previous post, we had a really bad hail storm about a month ago, and since then we have had a lot of workmen fixing things at the house.  How could I not paint one of them?!  Couldn't resist:-)  This man was putting up new gutters on a hot Spring day.  He already had a tan!


  1. That's a wonderful and creative painting, Shelley! I like how you've detailed the gutter man's position while working. Anyway, how's your roof now? Sometimes, we need a courageous gutter man like him after a heavy hail storm hit our house. Good work again on the painting!

    Norbert Floth

  2. A nice work of art! This post would make a great tribute, too, to the people whose jobs are on the roof of our houses. Changing gutters or roofing is a difficult job. Though some homeowners do the job themselves, only skilled people can do the job with the guarantee that it will work properly. You will appreciate them even more when unexpected circumstances occur, such as hurricanes and storm.

    Willi Roofing

  3. Wow! This is definitely a wonderful work, Shelley! It's very kind of you to paint one of those workers who helped you with your home repairs. It would have been great if the gutter man and the rest of your crew were able to see it. I guess it's one way of showing them your appreciation towards their work.

    Roscoe Dansby @ Gutter Helmet